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Here are 100% Genuine Testimonials from people treated by Kieran Fitzpatrick

"Hi Kieran, well, it's been over a week now and I have not touched a cigarette since our meeting! I am so happy to have gone this far and am determined that I will never go back! Thank you so much for your help - I don't really know what happened but it has worked!! Thank you again"

" is now 3 and a half months off the cigarettes!!..... I am staying strong and feeling the benefits,...and my skin is glowing!!....Thanks again for changing my life :)"

Katie (Dublin).

"I just wanted to thank you for the transformation in my life that I have experienced since going to you for therapy. I have tried many times before to try and sort myself out with no success, but since the therapy I am like a different person. Lots of aspects of my life are looking much better and I now look forward to each day without a black cloud over my head. Thanks again."

P.G. (Dublin).

"I went to see you a few weeks ago before I flew to Boston to get married, I'm cured!! Whatever you did it worked. Thanks again."

J.K. (Fear of Flying Client, Dublin).

"I want to thank you for all of your help and professionalism....I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and anxious when I first came to see you and now I find it hard to remember how intense it was.
I had for many years tried the "quick fixes" and the "one off therapies" and felt free of the intensity for a very short period of time. But always in the back of my mind I wondered what I would try next when the feelings returned! Since I finished my therapy I feel "emotionally level" for the first time in my life."

S.L. (Dublin)

"Hi Kieran, everything now is better and much more clear, thank you very much!
...Quoting one of my favourite bands (Eels) "Hey man, now I'm really livin'!""

A.G. (Italy)

"thank you for the help you have given me and the freedom I now feel.....I was amazed at the breakthrough coming so quickly when it happened. It was like a weight, I hadn't known I had, being lifted. I hadn't known that those feelings and emotions were causing my migraines but since the breakthrough I've felt clear headed and confident....I am relaxed and free of the fear of them. I feel like migraines no longer define me. Everything seems better, things don't bother me the way they used....I have a new more positive outlook on everything."

S.H. (Dublin)

"Hi Kieran, thanks for all your help over the past few months. It was curious to discover that I had developed a fear of public speaking from something else apparently unconnected. My eyes have been opened to what I once ignored or hadn't noticed and I now feel that I am on my way to reaching my full potential. Many thanks and I'll keep you posted."

F.S. (Dublin)

"When I started working with Kieran as my life coach, two years ago now, I had completely lost my way. I was struggling to survive on 22K a year and was about to give up on all my hopes and dreams. Since then, Kieran has helped me get back on track, back motivated and back working towards all my hopes and dreams. I'm now working as an independent consultant in the job I've always wanted and I'm now making over 120K a year. Thanks Kieran!."

W.G. (London)

"From the first day I met you, you were very welcoming, friendly and reassuring, in a lovely peaceful relaxed atmosphere. I must say I was nervous and apprehensive about the venture.

I found it very easy to trust you, you never rushed me, it fact calmed me when I was probably a bit confused. I had last week, just one week after my treatment having ended, to meet with a Barrister and my Solicitor in the Four Courts. I previously would have been terrified. I walked in to meet the legal people, very calm, very focused, and felt I really put my points across without any sense of intimidation, or my usual long standing lack of confidence.

I feel very content within my self, I look forward to the future which I certainly have not for a very long time, years and years. My self esteem was zero. Thank you most sincerely, Kieran, for seeing me through my analysis with such gentleness and patience and professionalism.. The experience was extraordinary and one of the best decisions I have ever made, made on the strength of nowhere else to go and as a last resort!"

J.D. (Dublin).

"I would like to thank you sincerely for your help in the last few months. We are back from holidays and I am feeling was definitely worth it. Thanks again."

J.D. (Offaly).

"I want to thank you so much as it totally worked. I had no fear while on the flights, or in the airports waiting on the flights. I have now started to plan more trips away that involve flying, something a few months ago that would have terrified me."

R.M. (Dublin)


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