Personal, Group and Corporate Training












Goal Setting
Life Changes
Self Concept
Health Improvement
Public Speaking
Improved Sports Performance
Better Memory
Improved Creativity

I offer a range of trainings based on educating the mind through the most modern and scientific techniques available today.

There are four stages of learning:

- Unconscious Incompetence

- Conscious Incompetence

- Conscious Competence

- Unconscious Competence

A lot of my work involves dealing directly with the unconscious mind thus shortening the process of learning and causing the new knowledged to be installed directly into the unconscious mind so that it is immediately effective. It involves changing peoples fundamental ideas on how they do things thus changing their actions naturally. Many trainings and Life Coaching put the activity cart before the horse of unconscious learning.

Some of the general topics on which I offer training are on the list here. However, the structure of each course is individual to the participants. Courses can be constructed for individuals, teams, departments or companies. Corporations have personalities too and many of the same characteristics we associate with individuals need attention at that level too, such as communication, motivation, goal setting, beliefs and change management. 

There is no study involved and rarely any handouts. The classes are informal, entertaining and short.

A proposal, outline and practical sample excerpts will be prepared for all enquiries.











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